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Bilingual flashcards - Body Parts and Five Senses / Cartes de nomenclature - Le corps humain et les cinq sens


Children's bilingual book: The Forest Trap - Le Piège dans la Forêt


Bilingual flashcards School Subjects / Cartes de nomenclature Les Matières Scolaires


Spring Nature Walk sheet & flashcards + Garden Birds flashcards / Chasse au trésor de la nature (fiche & Cartes de nomenclature) + Cartes Oiseaux des jardins

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Bilingual flashcards FOOD (Fruits & vegetables) / Cartes de nomenclature bilingues La nourriture (Fruits & légumes)


Bilingual Flashcards - Hobbies / Cartes de nomenclatures - Les Hobbies


Bilingual Flashcards - Autumn & Winter Clothes / Cartes de nomenclature Vêtements d'Automne & Hiver


Bilingual flashcards - Body - Parts of the Face / Cartes de nomenclature - Le corps - le visage


Dossier de Presse - Album jeunesse The Forest Trap

album jeunesse en anglais, anglais pour enfants, children's book

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Welcome at Lessons & Books4Kids! I am Margot. I have been teaching English in France with passion for 25 years! Here I'm sharing with you educational resources (printables) for your kids or students and my very first children's picture book - The Forest Trap. I hope you'll have fun learning English with me.